- RP - My story starts in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, 1st of November 1988, where I was born in a family of inspiring teachers that have always been searching to create something special in life. Music has always surrounded my early years, since my mother had a passion for the violin and other string instruments, which I guess inspired me to follow this path in life.

At the age of 3 I moved with my family to Romania, Bucharest, a freshly democratic country that offered a lot more possibilities to evolve in bohemian career directions, such as playing an instrument.

After four years of studying at the “George Enescu” Music School in Bucharest, and winning local and international competitions, I was lucky enough to see my young life as a classical musician escalate to the next level – at the age of 11 I am accepted into the “Conservatory of Music and Arts in Vienna”. My professor was Alexander Arenkow, the former student of David Oistrach, and the founder of “The Glinka Quartet”.

At that point, my world had changed almost completely. I was in a foreign country with customs and people much different from Romania, where I had to learn a foreign language and where the competition was at a whole different level. I had to grow-up fast since all of my colleagues were at least 6-7 years older than me and almost all had a very powerful wish to succeed in a world where very few do. My life as a professional musician had started.

The knowledge I gained in Vienna was invaluable. It helped me get to the next level of playing the violin and to understand essential things about technique, musicality and interpretation. The constant help from my mother, that was by my side until I was 18, and from my professors helped me evolve and play as a solo violinist as well as in orchestras in countries all over the world.

At 12, I had my début as a soloist with the “TeleRadio Orchestra”, conducted by Gheorghe Mustea, in my hometown of Chisinau. By the time I was a major, I had already played in Romania, Moldova, Austria, Japan, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Cyprus, obtained many scholarships, such as the “Herbert von Karajan”, “Bosch”, “Yamaha International”, “Dr. Ziehrer” and the “Tokyo International Foundation”.

In 2004 I started studying with Christian Altenburger, at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, who helped me discover myself professionally and find new ways to look at classical music. Under his guidance I finished my Bachelor’s and was a laureate in competitions such as “Rodolfo Lipizer”, “Louis Spohr”, “Gradus ad Parnassum” and “Stephanie Hohl”.

During all the years as an active professional performer I’ve been fortunate to work with artists such as Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-Ki Joo, Horia Andreescu, Frederic Chaslin, Markus Schirmer, Erwin Schrott, Vadim Repin and Julian Rachlin. Projects such as “The League of X-Traordinary Musicians”, SCURDIA or Rojo Tango Live gave me the opportunity to improve myself and understand better how to create modern music that appeals to all classes and most tastes. The knowledge obtained from these projects, as well as from working in Chamber Ensembles with great musicians, made it easier to pass my experience on to my students.

Now I am exploring new ways to create and play classical music. I feel that there are no limitations when it comes to creating something beautiful and by working with all the talented people around me I think amazing new things can be achieved. Also I am finishing my Master’s with professor Edward Zienkowsky.

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